Superior air Logistics Services and Brokering Air Freight

We deliver your parcels 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Air freight is the fastest and the safest shipping type

Air Freight covers the transporting cargo by aircraft. Both cargo aircraft and commercial passenger aircraft are used to transport cargo.

The key that will lead your strategy to success is flexibility and instant response to changing conditions. Achieving these goals is easy in partnership with Shipping Station. A reliable logistics partner will be a smart addition to your business.
Express Air Service
Your cargo will undergo multiple stops before reaching its ultimate destination. This type of air freight is more cost-effective.
Standard Air Service
Cargo will most likely make stops at one or two airports, where it will either change planes or be loaded or unloaded with other cargo.
Deferred Air Service
Your cargo will make many stops along the way to its final destination. It's less expensive kind of air freght

How does It work?

Looking for new logistical ways is always difficult, risky, and time-consuming. Everything is much easier than you think. Here at the Shipping Station, we are helping to resolve logistical problems every day.
You leave a request and order the cargo pickup
We will calculate the cost, time, and method of sending your shipment to the USA
We deliver your package to the recipient at the destination in the USA
At your request we will insure your shipment for the period of delivery


You can use the fulfillment service for additional competitive advantage, better service for your customers and solving problems with the delivery of your goods within the United States
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